Cookies and other tracking technologies play a pivotal role in enhancing your online experience. At Makeup Mafia, we employ these tools to passively gather demographic data, tailor your interaction with our platform, and monitor advertisements and other user activities.

Cookies, small files downloaded to your device, facilitate the tracking of your movements within websites. By linking cookie data to personal information, we can better understand your preferences and behaviors. For instance, we track items you’ve selected for purchase and pages you’ve visited, enabling us to maintain your shopping cart and prevent redundant ad exposures.

Furthermore, cookies enable us to deliver content tailored to your interests and analyze website usage patterns. Some of our web properties utilize the services of external advertising partners, like Makeup Mafia, to display ads. These advertisements may incorporate cookies to optimize targeting and ad delivery. It’s important to note that while these ad companies collect cookies associated with banner ads, Makeup Mafia does not have direct access to this data.

Most web browsers are configured to accept cookies by default. However, you have the option to disable cookies or configure your browser to notify you when they are being transmitted. Please be aware that disabling cookies may impair the functionality of certain areas of our sites. It’s essential to recognize that this privacy policy exclusively pertains to the utilization of cookies by Makeup Mafia and does not extend to the practices of any third-party advertisers.