1. Introduction

This Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) delineates guidelines pertinent to the utilization of Makeup Mafia’s suite of products, solutions, and services (“Makeup Mafia Products”) by clients.

  1. Appropriate Use

Clients and their users are prohibited from deploying Makeup Mafia Products for actions that:

(i) Infringe upon Makeup Mafia or third-party intellectual property rights. (ii) Breach any applicable laws or regulations. (iii) Constitute defamation, harassment, or obscenity. (iv) Disrupt Makeup Mafia services or equipment. (v) Introduce malicious software. (vi) Encourage unlawful conduct. (vii) Involve unauthorized access to machines accessed via Makeup Mafia Products.

Clients assume full responsibility for addressing any violations, including associated costs and remedial measures.

  1. Responsibility for Content

Clients are accountable for the information and content transmitted through Makeup Mafia Products. Makeup Mafia exerts no control over such content and assumes no responsibility for its nature or legality.

  1. Privacy Policy

Clients must maintain a privacy policy governing the collection of personal information via Makeup Mafia Products. Compliance with applicable laws is paramount.

  1. Personal Information

Makeup Mafia Products aren’t tailored for storing sensitive data like Personal Identifying Information (PII) or data governed by HIPAA, FERPA, or PCI standards. Client compliance with regulatory obligations is essential. Encryption measures are applied to safeguard client data.

  1. Enforcement of AUP

Makeup Mafia reserves the prerogative to suspend service provision or enact remedial measures for AUP breaches. Reasonable notification and opportunity for remedy will be afforded. Clients must cooperate in addressing violations and promptly report any observed breaches.

  1. Content

Clients are obliged to ensure that all data and internet content provided to Makeup Mafia comply with pertinent laws and regulations.

In adherence to this AUP, Makeup Mafia endeavors to maintain a conducive environment for its clients while upholding legal and ethical standards.